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Rob roy essays

Rob roy essays The film Rob Roy tells the story of one the most notorious clans of the Scottish highlands the MacGregors. However the film also illustrates the great differences between the old style highlands and the new English style aristocracy. The film shows how the difference in values relates to the political and economic trends of the early 18th century. Foremost the film illustrates the difference in economic standing between the upper-class aristocrats and the highlanders, which in many ways defines a great deal of their differences. The MacGregors live on a small plot of land and make their living by raising and trading cattle. Though it was possible to earn some money in this manner, it was by no means a venture that would bring great wealth. This is evident in the very primitive accommodations in which they live. Their homes are made of stone and have straw roofs, while the aristocrats have much more modern buildings. The highlanders also dress in much more ragged clothing and are much more rugged in appearance. Aside from a few exceptions the highlanders are dirty and have shabby beards and yellow teeth. This compared to the clean-cut and refined look of the aristocrats demonstrates the very clear differences in both life style and wealth. The appearances of the nobles is distinctly English in their clothing and gener al appearance. All of the aristocrats in the film are dressed similar to their English counterparts and also wear wigs as a sign of superiority. Furthermore the film shows the nobilitys life style is much like that of the English in that they have a court and use similar etiquette in their social settings. Furthermore the several dueling matches hosted for entertainment, in which the nobles place wagers on, are very similar to that of English nobles. The very different portrayals in the film illustrate many differences beyond just appearances as these differences are most clearly seen in this respect...

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Unit 1 -IP- Research Strategy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Unit 1 -IP- Research Strategy - Essay Example Consequently, crime rate in US is increasing at a consistent rate for last two decades. At the same time, it is suggested to law enforcement agencies to cultivate a culture of critical information sharing in the public through offering financial rewards. In this way, people will get motivated towards pointing out criminals in the society. This development may well serve as a substitute for unannounced public surveillance (Koppen, Eleffers, & Ruiter, 2011). In parallel, this paper will accumulate necessary information about the phenomenon of public surveillance, through series of focus group discussion with governmental officials in order to document their viewpoint. On the other hand, public opinion will also be summarized through a similar technique (Muller, 2011). Notably, this research will develop its argument through qualitative means. Because, of the subjective nature of issue at hand. In this way, interviewers can abstract meanings from other sources such as body language and other similar factors. On the ethical front, this research will not disclose any participant’s identity. At the same time, the research procedure will be kept transparent through reporting the views of public and government in their original form (Sofaer & Eyal, 2010). However, general public management implications may be derived from the information collected. Koppen, M., Eleffers, H., & Ruiter, S. (2011). When to Refrain from Using Likelihood Surface Methods for Geographic Offender Profiling: An Ex Ante Test of Assumptions. Journal of Investigative Psychology and Offender Profiling 8 ,

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Critical legal issues in criminal justice Research Paper

Critical legal issues in criminal justice - Research Paper Example Legal regime permits individuals’ right to self-defense and justifies the employment of force in times of danger so that people may defend themselves from external harm and secure their lives and properties. Dictionaries define physical self-defense as the employment of physical force to counteract an immediate attack. Physical self-defense may be armed-defense or unarmed-defense. Individuals can use a wide variety of weapons as part of armed self-defense adhering to the policies of the concerned jurisdicti Unarmed self-defense involves different styles of martial arts. In many jurisdictions, law permits people the right of self-defensive killing. However, the law states that the employment of physical force in self-defense must be proportional to the fatality of the violence. In order to avoid the misuse of the self-defensive killing, the law ensures aggressors do not claim the right of self-defense. It is on the assumption that aggressors are responsible to the attack or fat al situation, and hence they do not have the right to claim self-defense. In addition, law considers the reasonableness of belief while evaluating the self-defense claim of a defendant. Explicitly, the use of physical force must be reasonable to justify the self-defense claim. What constitutes reasonable employment of force is usually uncertain, and hence the jury has the potential to determine whether or not the defendant’s act (use of force) was reasonable.... Wallie Howard, a federal agent working for the Federal Drug Enforcement Administration and the confidential informant Luther Gregory planned to arrest this drug racket through a buy-bust scheduled on 30th October 1990. However, their plans flawed as Davidson and his team had attempted to rob Gregory using firearms. During the process of assault, the gang broke Gregory’s wrist. In order to counter attack them Howard took his gun and shot off. At this time, Lawrence (one of the gang members) fired at agent Howard and killed him. As cited by the United States Court of Appeals, Second Circuit (1994), all the defendants were found guilty of charges alleged including narcotic conspiracy, murder, robbery, and international killing of a federal agent, and consequently all of them were sentenced to life imprisonment. During the course of trial, Lawrence argued that agent Howard would have killed him unless he had not shot him down. However, the court observed that the defendantsâ€℠¢ need to defend themselves emerged out of their own aggression. The court held that the person who commits robbery using deadly weapons and gets murdered by the targeted victim on the victim’s counter-attacks to defend may not obtain the benefit of self-defense. Based on this observation, the court clearly stated that â€Å"it has long been accepted that one cannot support a claim of self-defense by a self-generated necessity to kill† (United States Court of Appeals, Second Circuit,1994). This paper will critically evaluate the above court judgment and discuss why â€Å"one cannot support a claim of self-defense by a self-generated necessity to kill.† Reasonableness of Belief Reasonableness of belief is an important factor in determining the necessity of

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Information security risk assessment and mitigation strategies develop Thesis Proposal

Information security risk assessment and mitigation strategies development - Thesis Proposal Example Therefore, it is relevant to any company to develop security risk assessment and mitigation strategy to save data from potential external risk. In order to facilitate the process security risk assessment and mitigation strategies with regards to information security, it is relevant to work out a mechanism of dealing with the potential hazard of data steal from any company. On the basis of modern studies, it is relevant to develop a holistic strategy to data security provision that would be based on the principles applicable for any company. This research is focused on considering strategic steps of security management taken in case potential information hazards may occur. The research question is the following: â€Å"How is it possible for any organization to improve and apply effective information security risk assessment and mitigation strategies†. Moreover, it is further on suggested how to work out security risk assessment process. Therefore, a practical aspect of security management is correlated with recent theoretical findings presented in contemporary researches and studies. This research has been mainly developed for the needs of the organizations requiring improvement of information security risk assessment and mitigation strategies. This research is relevant from practical point of view. Though it is based on recent researches and findings in the field of information security, it brings in an innovative vision about the role of information security and strategies directed on dealing with it.

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An Analysis of the Detective Genre Essay -- English Literature

An Analysis of the Detective Genre Sherlock Holmes, is a fictional yet convincing character created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. With plots bizarre, singular and tantalising, Doyle has created of one of our most popular genres. The heroes in the detective genre often display the best of human qualities, and are aware of the idolised role they have been placed in by their closest companions. In the adventure of The Speckled Band the hero, Sherlock Holmes, reveals his concern for his clients and comforts the victim by informing her, "You must not fear". This allows, the reader to understand the distinction between the emotional and professional side of his occupation. During the same conversation Holmes' phrases such as , "I am all attention" indicate his conscientiousness and professionalism. His powers of observation are able to pinpoint a minor flaw in appearance to which others are oblivious, "all comprehensive glances" and "I observe the second half of a ticket". Holmes conveys his equanimity, when threatened his reaction is to chuckle "heartily" and only is insulted when he is associated with the, "official force". In doing so he warns his opponent that intimidation is not enough to put him off. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle has created not only an idol but a hero respected by those who know him best for his wit, his methods and his amiable character. Heroes in the modern day version of the genre come from many backgrounds and cultures. This new variety contrasts the Victorian stereotype of a strong and witty character such as Sherlock Holmes. In The Devil's Foot and The Man with the Twisted Lip the hero, Holmes is again portrayed as both judge and jury. Holmes is, "without rest" until a clear picture of... ... in the modern detective genre is a major contrast to earlier detective fiction and has improved the view of women to which others take. The new role of women can be proven in the TV series, "Randall and Hopkirk Deceased" as one of the detectives, Genie is a woman. Although it has taken a hundred years, time has successfully altered the role of women. Whilst comparing modern detective fiction with the works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle I have learnt that time has transformed from the prescriptive possibilities for ingredients essential of a detective genre. Such ingredients have been altered by a change in society opinions on various matters from the discrimination of gender to stereotyping characters. From observing fiction such as comic or dramatic I have found that the techniques and plans originate from Holmes himself have nevertheless stayed the same.

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Puc 1st Year Model Question Paper

SHREE SHIVASHANKARA SWAMY GOVT. P. U. COLLEGE-UTTANGI:DIST:BELLARY MID-TERM EXAMINATION QUESTION PAPER NOVEMBER 2012 STD:PUC FIRST YEAR: SUB:ENGLISH: TOTAL MARKS: 90; DATE:26-11-2012 Q. NO I:Answer the following questions in a word or a phrase or a sentence each: 1X12=12 1)What was Steve crazy about? 2)Where did the bats live in large number? 3)Why did the narrator feel that his future was secure? 4)The animal without hands or legs refered to in the story‘The Rightful Inheriters Of the earth’is_______ a)Bat b)Cobra c)butterfly (choose the correct answer) 5)What was the formula given by Einstein for success? )How did the mother understand that her little daughter was dead in the church blast? 7)Who gave the cap to Steve? 8)In the poem ‘The Ballad Of Birmingham’,the girl wanted to go to _________(fill in the blank) 9)Who broke the silence in the poem ‘For Elkana’? 10)The logician referred to in the poem ‘For Elkana’ is__________. a)Th e mother b)The father c)The son (choose the correct answer) 11)Where did Steve see his lost cap? 12)How much did the cap fetch for the Diamonds at last? Q.NO ||: Answer any eight of the following choosing atleast two questions from the poetry in 80-100 words each: 13)What were the different attitudes of the mother and the daughter about the Freedom March? 4X8=32 14)Describe Einstein’s sense of humour. 15)How did the narrator’s wife try to kill the rats? What was the result of it? 16)Describe how Steve got the cap in the ball park. 17)Give two instances to explain Einstein’s absent mindedness? 18)How did the son become a binding force between the father and the mother in the poem ‘For Elkana’? 9)Why did Steve have to lose the cap again in the Hudsons’ house? 20)Describe the different interlopers into the narrator’s garden in the lesson ‘The Rightful Inheriters Of The Earth’. 21)Why did the little girl go to Einstein’ s house? How does this incident bring out Einstein’sgreatness? 22)What was the effect of Steve’s finding the cap? Q. NO|||:Answer the following in about 200 words: 6X1=6 23)How did the narrator’s wife try to kill the bats? Why was she not successful? OR Describe how Dave and Steve were re-united at the end of the story ‘A Cap For Steve’.OR ‘Einstein was not only a great scientist, but also a great human being’. Explain. Q. NO IV:Read the following passage and answer the questions set on it in a word /a phrase /a sentence each: 1X10=10 Alexander the Great is still considered as one of the greatest conquerors of the world. When Alexander was only 14 years old, he tamed the wild horse Bucephalus. Later, he rode this horse in all his battles. Alexander’s father, Philip, became the king of Macedonia in 359BC. But he was murdered. After him, Alexander became the King at the age of 20.Alexander had received the training of warfare from his father. The great philosopher Aristotle was his intellectual mentor. The young Alexander attacked the Persian Empire in about 334BC. He achieved great victories and then attacked Egypt and established a city called Alexandria at the mouth of the river Nile. When Alexander entered Asia Minor, he married a rich and beautiful princess, Roxana. He fought his last great battle with the brave Indian King, Porus. He won this battle with great difficulties. He liked the courage and pride of Porus.He returned the kingdom of Porus and became his close friend. Alexander died in June 323 BC in Babylon. 24)Name the wild horse that Alexander tamed? 25)Who was Alexander’s father? 26)At what age did Alexander become the king? 27)Who was the intellectual mentor of Alexander? 28)Alexander established a city on the bank of the river ____ a)the Ganga b)the Nile c)Amazon (choose the correct answer) 29)Name the city established by Alexander. 30)Whom did Alexander marry? 31)Name the Indian king who fought bravely against Alexander? 32)When did Alexander die? 3)Where did Alexander die? Q. NO. V:A)Fill in the blanks with appropriate articles and prepositions given in the brackets: 1X6=6 34) Einstein never missed __ opportunity to learn __ others. Once __ little school girl who lived __ his neighbourhood approached him __ his assistence. __ girl went __ Einsteins house. (a, an, the, to, for, from, in) B)Fill in the blanks with the suitable forms of the verbs given in brackets: 1X6=6 35) Steve told his parents that he _ _ (be + play )baseball in the park. When he__ (run) the bases, the cap __(fall)off.It was still too big despite the tuck his mother_ _(have + take)in the band. So the next time he __ (come) to bat, he __ it in his pocket. C)Choose the correct form of the verb given in bracket. 36)Bats __ (is / are) not the souls of our ancestors. 37)Nobody __ (know / knows)the right answer. 38)Both of them __ (were / was) in the same place. 39)The boy __ (has / have) a demand. 40)The mother __ (race / races) through the streets of Birmingham. 41)You __ (will / shall) never know it. 42)Mahatma Gandhiji __ (was / is) the father of our nation. 43)Owl __ (am / is) not a vegetarian creature.D)44)Write a letter to the principal of your college requesting him to issue your transfer certificate. Show the following reasons for your request: Your father has been transfered; You have taken admission in another college. E)Correct the following sentences and rewrite them: 45)I am loving my mother. 46)She has took her pen 47)Sachin is a best player. 48)My brother and I am coming. 49)You are there, are you? 1X5=5 5 1X8=8 ——————————————— The End ————————————————————————————à ¢â‚¬â€œ

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Nelson Mandela and South Africa - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 3 Words: 760 Downloads: 8 Date added: 2019/08/08 Category People Essay Level High school Tags: Nelson Mandela Essay Did you like this example? Have you ever heard of South Africa and how Nelson brought apartheid to an end? Well if you didn’t today is your lucky day, because I will tell you every little thing that I know about South Africa and what happened there. South Africa is one of the most geographical countries in the African Continent. It is located in the Southern tip of Africa, It is also along the Atlantic and the Indian Ocean. South Africa’s climate is hot and comfortable. Rolihlahla Mandela was borned in the Madiba Clan in the village of Mvezo on July 18, 1918. He attended primary school in Qunu where his teacher, Miss Mdingane, gave him the name Nelson. Hearing the older people stories and what they were famous for, Nelson wanted to be famous for something too. Mandela wanted people be together and be a family, no matter what color you are. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Nelson Mandela and South Africa" essay for you Create order Nelson joined the African National Congress in 1944 to help establish the African National Congress Youth League. The ANC adopted a more radical mass-based policy, the Programme of Action, in 1949. White people in South Africa were very racist with black people in the olden days but Nelson Mandela, and his team ended all the racism in South Africa,which is now called Apartheid. Nelson Mandelas role in bringing apartheid to an end was very important to Black People. In 1952 he was chosen as the National Volunteer-in-Chief of the Defiance Campaign. He went to jail from 1962 to 1990 (27 years), during that time he had become an international symbol for the anti-apartheid movement. As soon as he got out from jail (1990), he went back to his speeches and meetings in South Africa. Mandela was elected the first black President in 1994 through 1999. Nelson Mandela and the anti-apartheid movement gained international support as there were worldwide protests and sanctions against the apartheid government. Nelson Mandela sadly died on December 5, 2013. South Africa has one of the world’s worst education systems, it is 75 out of 76 in the world. Unfortunately, after apartheid ended South Africa’s maths and science education comes in last place. This is due to some of the unhealed wounds of apartheid. The country is trying to innovatively improve its educational system. In light of this educational struggle, some type of educational reformation must come about. Housing is one of the biggest problems facing South Africa. Even though many South Africans have access to low cost housing from the government, findings show that most of the housing problems are caused by corruption and mismanagement. This is because South Africans don’t have a lot of money to pay for things in their country. South Africa’s lights in the houses cut off sometimes due to them not having a lot of money. The government of South Africa is ramping up efforts to get more land into black ownership because white people bought most of the land in Africa. White people own 72 percent of South Africas land and black South Africans, who make up 80 percent of the population, own just 4 percent. This is not fair because it is being selfish and racist to black people. White people earn more money in South Africa then black people because white people are trying to be racist. This is why white people buy more stuff and have more beautiful houses then black people. South Africa is the world’s most unequal country. White people are still racist after apartheid but not really as racist like they were before apartheid because the ANC ended apartheid. White people cannot hit black people anymore, if they do they would go to jail (it is illegal). The white employees treat the black employees wrong because they are trying to act like south africa belong to them. The ANC is still helping black people out, the only difference is that mandela is not there. Music plays a big role in South Africa, people in Africa love music because it make them happy and turn into a good mood. If singing in a choir could lead to you being stronger and happier , then singing in South Africa will too. Singing in different sections adds great value to your life because you will have more faith in yourself. Music make people feel a type mood. The words in the songs are very important because it basically tells you what the singer is talking about. The beats are important too, because if there are no beats then the song would be weird. Another thing that is important is articulation because you need to know what the singer is saying.